EP Decking Inc., we are the manufacturers of high quality composite decking
railing, fencing, Flooring and landscaping products

EP Decking is a wood-plastic composite manufacture producing decks with plant fiber recycled wood and plastic (HDPE). Through scientific formulas and advanced processing, the composites have the advantage of durability and hardness, as well as resistance to acid and alkali, absence of distortion and a reusable green, eco-friendly material. The composites are used in Decking, Wall cladding, Pergola, Fencing and Pallets for physical distribution.

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EP wood-plastic composites and luxury vinyl flooring are made with a modern style in mind. Developed by EP Decking Inc, our materials offer the best advantages of plastic and wood / stone. These advantaged being the plastic shielding from wood moisture and insect damage. As well as causing zero rotting and splintering. The wood protects from UV Damage and offers a natural feel. It is known as a leading environmental protection material in the 21st century.

Performance Characteristics

High strength and rigidity, skid proof, abrasion resistance, inflammation resistance. Resists moisture and UV. Insulation. Heat insulation, resists from 40C low temperature to 70C high temperature.

Environmental Properties

Contains no toxic or dangerous materials. No preservatives. No formaldehyde. No benzene; Will not pollute air or environment. Can be 100% recycled and reused.

Appearance and Feel

Looks and feels like natural wood. Size is as durable as real wood. It is available in various colors such as castle grey, walnut and mocha. Does not require staining or painting.

Processing Properties

Can be treated like wood. Can be glued, nailed or screwed. It is very easy to install.